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MY New Book - "Awakening from Unconscious Resentment: Learning to Uncover the Hidden Saboteurs That Are Hindering Your Life & Relationships"

What the Book is About? Angela will unlock your mind from the unconscious thinking that is hindering us from living the life of our dreams, blocking the inner chambers of our hearts and sabotaging our lives. Want a heart that is pliable, and able to love again; to begin Trusting & Believing in Yourself and Life Again? You'll be given invaluable tools to see, possibly for the first time, what is actually going on in your life, stop the cycle of abuse and take charge of your relationships so that you can truly LIVE while you're Alive!!! It's Not Just a Dream! With a Little Willingness - We Can Make It Your Reality!

This book is for anyone feeling worn out, frustrated and alone due to relationships that are just not working or satisfying. You Want to Know Why? That is What We're Going to Get to the Bottom of. See, we should have learned at home, school and church this "must have" knowledge/skills I call "the tools" that are crucial to our happiness and success in relationships. I can't for the life of me figure out why they didn't teach us this stuff!!! But without them - we're screwed! I lost my marriage of 24 years never having learned these vital tools, but once I got them - EVERYTHING CHANGED. In this book, we're going to go through each aspect and area of your life and get to the core issue and tool needed to bring life back to those relationships -- and your own life so that you feel good maybe for the first time in your life. Without these skills/this knowledge - happy and fulfilled relationships are just not going to happen and you may even stay miserable the rest of your life and die with your joy and music inside you. I share my life situations (sometimes hard for me to share, I must be honest) and tons of others to show you exactly what I mean - and you'll love these stories and examples too! You'll learn how to look at situations differently, set boundaries and how to Get Your Voice which is so critical. You'll learn how to ask for what you want and need without guilt and get it too! This book goes deep and is heartfelt, honest and raw at times - but I don't hold back and you will not go away as the same person once you've read this book. I"ll recommend all the great classes, books and programs that made all of this possible for me and that changed my life forever and will change yours too! Check out this really great book.


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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 6, 2023

I saw the link & promo from her YouTube channel. Angela is very talented. Books like these help escalate your recovery from this abusive MegaCult called Jehovah’s Witnesses. Looking back at my youth and young adult years spent in this cult and now being a productive person in society, I realized many are asleep in their lives that are slaves in these cults and my ethics of protecting children, treatment of women are higher than these company style humans that lost their humanity, love for their children and neighbors.
I am the creator of the graphic novel Cult Girls, which is a young, comedic, true story. There is so many struggling to heal after being manipulated in these style cults. Peace and love to all. All our lives can have purpose without this real estate, Rolex wearing, publishing company dictating our every move.
Note from Author:  She obviously didn't read my book because although I group up in a cult, etc. - I was never a Jehovah's Witness (but my husband was once a JW.


A Compilation Book with My Story Included (See Chapter 5)


The Journey to Authenticity Isn't Easy, But It's the One That Counts. (Multi-Author Book).  A Compilation of powerful stories by woman from around the world featuring best selling authors Betsy Chasse and Cate Montana.  Angela Clark's story is found in Chapter 5 of this book.


The journey to authenticity isn’t easy, but it’s the one that counts. “What does it take for a woman to beat the odds and really come into her own? As someone who did just that at age 61, I can tell you that these powerful and touching stories will show you how”. Carole Montgomery Creator and Star of Showtime's “Funny Women of A Certain Age”

Gutsy, often heart-breaking, frequently shocking, and always totally real, 16 “everyday” women chronicle their breakthroughs overcoming lack, abuse, intense religious programming, and every kind of self-imposed limitation you can imagine, blossoming into the richness of their true being and life expression. A book to savor and draw courage from, Stories of Becoming Myself is a celebration of woman—her endurance, her daring and determination, and most of all - her love. Stories by: Cate Montana, Betsy Chasse, Angelina J. James, Enocha Ranjita Ryan, Barbara Glazier, Angela Clark, Amanda Robinson, Barbara Belger, Ashleigh Brenton, Andrea Scholz, Anne Armstrong, Sandhan, Stephanie Jo, Michele Dorntge, Bonnie Hale, Lisa Robyn Deutsch.

AMAZON REVIEW OF Angela's Story (Chapter 5):

Top reviews from the United States

Amazon Customer

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 3, 2020

This book is inspiring to anyone who reads it but especially to women. I was inspired by Angela Clark's testimony, Chapter 5. She is very transparent. Angela explains her spiritual oppression and bondage from being affiliated with a religious cult where patriarchy reigns within the church and home. Women are automatically viewed as subservient to the men. She was set-up into this journey from her upbringing with dysfunctional parents and their religious teachings. As she matured into womanhood, she became involved with an abusive, religious husband who viewed women in the same manner.
It takes tremendous courage, wisdom, and discernment to evaluate and reassess one's personal beliefs and values in life. Angela reached into the core of her heart and soul to break the chains of emotional abuse from a narcissistic cult leader and the spiritual abuse from her parents and family. The price for her freedom was extremely high because in these cults, when she decided to break free, her family disowned her for life until she returns to their religious beliefs.
What inspired me most about Angela's story is the incredible, awesome internal power she displayed to break the spiritual chains of bondage and oppression from the two cults despite the rejection from her entire family. Freedom comes with a heavy price. Angela is not a victim, but she is a verocious victim. She is an example for all women who need to overcome domestic abuse and spiritual bondage.


REVIEWS: Chapter 5
"This chapter offers a moving personal account of Angela Clark’s life journey, from membership in an oppressive religious cult, to an abusive marriage with a professed cult leader, to breaking free and taking charge of her own life – truly learning to tap into God’s unfaltering love and support. Angela’s suffering has been extreme and her life lessons unique, but her experience can shine a ray of light and hope into the hearts of anyone who has had his or her own personal power crushed and subjugated under the will of powerful men. In reading the chapter, I found the story relatable and genuine. Angela’s sincere, authentic voice makes the reader feel like she’s right here in the room, talking with me face-to-face. Her ability to rise out of her life’s trials to break free and find her voice is truly inspiring. It’s particularly valuable that she doesn’t paint a picture of her life now as being always a bed of roses – she admits to hitting rocky patches from time to time, but her personal strength and the power of her faith get her through. That insight really hits home. I believe this chapter offers real encouragement and hope to women who have suffered abuse, domination, and oppression from patriarchal men and institutions. In fact, anyone who has been marginalized under a patriarchal thumb will be able to appreciate its message. The chapter makes a significant contribution to the book and is likely to appeal to a wide audience. "- Lisa Vera, VeraCite Inc., San Diego, CA

"Angela's story of truth is extremely powerful. She grew up in a fear-based, manipulative, controlling, high-mind controlling cult that required subserviance to men. These involved her father, the elders in her church, and her husband. Her testimony is transparent and empowering. One can easily see how she wanted to please God with her subservient intentions. Yet, in the long run, she completely lost herself, her own purposes in life, and her own happiness. As women, we go through tremendous obstacles in life. When we overcome them through realizations and self-reflections, we become WARRIORS. As warriors we are fearless, and we refuse to be used, manipulated, and controlled in abusive ways. Angela broke the chains of abuse on several levels. She is an inspiration to me and any other woman who has the opportunity to read her testimony." - Constance Noonan, Auburn, CA
"I have known Angela for close to 10 years and in that time I have seen her really come in to her own. She is a great example of how one can influence thousands of lives by making her own journey significant. Her discovery of self-imposed limitations and oppression from those who wish to control and sabotaged her success is now a springboard to inspire and motivate growth and healing within her community. Where ever Angela and Dan are in their ministry I will be close behind to rally and collaborate. Practicing these new ways of being in life are priceless! Thank you Angela!" - Self-Care Results - Lakewood, CO

“Written with courageous authenticity exposing insidious patriarchal religiosity controlling its members especially women. Her undaunted struggles in life to find freedom from it's effects and to find a true and meaningful relationship with Almighty God and a loving marital relationship is captivating. I rejoice in how God is active in everyone's life and how He goes to great extremes to prove His love and draw all to Him to have a relationship that is real and tangible. “ - Dianne Allison - Colorado

“I started reading Angela’s chapter and didn’t want to stop, so many similarities to my own life OMG, thank you the timing for me to read this is epic. It’s like she is my voice, validating my experiences and telling my story. What courage and inspiration I feel being seen and herd on so many levels. Thank you Angela, for being an advocate! I am blessed by your journey!” Linda Jean Mcnutt Colorado
"I had the privilege of previewing chapter 5 of Stories of Becoming Myself. Angela Clark recounts her very difficult and challenging life as a child growing-up in a religious cult and the subsequent effects that had on her as an adult. What I appreciated about her story was that she did not stay stuck in dysfunction and emotional turmoil, believing herself to be broken beyond repair. She found the small flickers of light from within herself and her faith which she used to light a path to healing. As her sense of self grew, she fanned that light into a fire. And her journey of growth and self-love continues, even after she found a harbor of safety, love, and support within her second marriage. Angela’s contribution to this book reminds me of the line in the poem Invictus: “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” Angeleah LeBrie Boise, ID


Angela Clark is an author, musician and recording artist living in Caldwell, ID. She is also a fine wood finisher and, along with her husband, owns Upscale Kitchen Refinishing. She also has a passion for helping those who are struggling to thrive in life. She seeks through music and inspiration to lift them up, giving them the tools needed to be what they were meant to be. She has taught Life Skills in a jail in Brighton, CO and volunteers working with those who are in need of being uplifted through life’s trials through her inspirational music, cooking, books (including those written with her husband Dan Clark), photography, daily inspirations and videos. Having been through her own difficult challenges and at last finding happiness and freedom, she is enjoying sharing her new-found inspiration, creativity and hope with others, paying it forward. Check out her new book coming soon: Awakening From Unconscious Resentment. or Email her at: Thanks so much.