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Angela Clark is an author, musician and recording artist living in Caldwell, ID. She is also a fine wood finisher and, along with her husband owns Upscale Kitchen Refinishing in Idaho. She is also an Ordained Minister with a passion to help those who are struggling to thrive in life. She seeks through music and inspiration to lift them up - giving them the tools needed to be what they were meant to be. She taught Life Skills for 2 years in a jail in Brighton, CO and volunteers today working with those who are in need of being uplifted through life’s trials through her inspirational music, cooking, books (including those written with her husband – Dan Clark), photography, daily inspirations or video and the like. She has enjoyed doing volunteer work throughout her life – first with children and more recently with adults and the Homeless where she showers them with love and music and a few words of encouragement. Having been through her own difficult challenges and struggles and then finding freedom at least, she is enjoying sharing her new found inspiration, creativity and hope, and hopefully, paying it forward.