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NEW BOOK RELEASE - January 3, 2023

Awakening from Unconscious Resentment:
Learning to Uncover the Hidden Saboteurs That Are Hindering Your Life & Relationships









UNCOVER WHAT'S HINDERING YOUR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION IN RELATIONSHIPS & LEARN WHAT UNLOCKS IT ALL AND BRINGS YOUR JOY BACK! Perhaps You Find Yourself in a Relationship That's Just Not Working? You're Feeling Frustrated, Unsatisfied, Alone, Tired and NOT FEELING HEARD. Not Sure What to Do About It? Not Sure What's Even Wrong?

In This GROUNDBREAKING, Raw and Real Book, YOU'LL LEARN: EXACTLY WHAT IS HINDERING & SABOTAGING YOUR LIFE & RELATIONSHIPS. Angela Will Be Unpacking the CRITICAL MISSING TOOLS THAT WE SHOULD HAVE LEARNED IN SCHOOL/HOME/CHURCH – But Didn’t! Why Not Remains a Mystery - But You Will Learn Them - I PROMISE (an Arsenal of Tools)! These Tools Will Unlock and Uncover the Hidden Unconscious Issues (Blocks) in Each Area of Your Life. You'll Learn How to GET YOUR VOICE, Speak Your Truth, Say What's Got to Be Said! You'll Finally START LOVING, TRUSTING & BELIEVING IN YOURSELF AGAIN - EVEN AFTER RELATIONSHIP LOSS OR FAILURE? 

After the Crash & Burn of my 1st Marriage of 24 Years – The Discovery of These Tools Changed My Life and They Will Change Yours Too! I Share Some Raw & Real Stories from All Over the World That Helped Me and That I Know You’ll Love – Real Overcoming Stories that Will Rock Your World! Your Heart Will Begin to Open and Expand and New Life Will Come Back into You. No - It's Not Just a DREAM! Let Me Help You Find Those Hidden Saboteurs Hindering Your Life & Relationships So you Can Live & Love Again Like Never Before - Starting Right Now!

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